neolith pietra di luna precio

This short film aims to inspire you by showing nine design ideas you can apply with Pietra Di Luna by Neolith. It is a sintered stone and a new generation of porcelain suitable for interior and exterior applications to enjoy the genuine beauty of natural materials throughout every room in your home, office, and the outdoors.

About Neolith by The Size
Neolith by The Size manufactures large surfaces for ventilated Facades, Interior Design, Kitchen Worktops, Furniture, and more.
The Size Surfaces was born in 2009. It is a new and revolutionary company with a solid desire to export with more than forty years of expertise in the natural stone industry.
It introduced the Neolith brand to the market in 2010 to provide a new solution to the architectural and interior design industries. It was a brand-new material with unique properties that you can use both inside and out of homes and offices. Since then, TheSize has become the world market's leader, with the Neolith worktop as the pioneer and leading Sintered Stone Surface in its sector.

What is Neolith?

- What is the definition of Neolith sintered stone?

Sintered Stone is a natural product made entirely of granite minerals, glass minerals, and natural oxides:
• Granite contains quartz and feldspar, which give the surface hardness and strength.
• Glass minerals and silica ensure chemical stability.
• Oxides of natural origin have chromatic characteristics. - Lightweight & Durable: Porcelain is more robust than granite and known for its toughness. If you're looking for a durable countertop material, porcelain is the way. Porcelain, unexpectedly, outperforms granite in terms of strength by around 30% and does so at a far lower weight.
If you want to know more about how this highly effective range of sintered porcelain worktops can transform your home and office, contact the team at the Worktop Library today to get a Free Sample and Design Consultation!
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